1. A candidate, may for valid reasons and on prior application, be granted permission to withdraw from appearing for the examination of any one course or consecutive examinations of more than one course in a semester examination.
  2. Such withdrawal shall be permitted only once during the entire period of study of the degree programme.
  3. Withdrawal application is valid only if it is made within 10 days prior to the commencement of the examination in that course or courses and recommended by the Head of the Institution and approved by the Controller of Examinations.
    1. Notwithstanding the requirement of mandatory TEN days notice, applications for withdrawal for special cases under extraordinary conditions will be considered on the merit of the case.
  4. Withdrawal shall not be construed as an appearance for the eligibility of a candidate for First Class with Distinction. This provision is not applicable to those who seek withdrawal during VII semester.
  5. Withdrawal from the End semester examination is NOT applicable to arrears subjects of previous semesters
  6. The candidate shall reappear for the withdrawn courses during the examination conducted in the subsequent semester.