Lab Facilities

Name of the Lab

1) Surveying Laboratory

Survey Laboratory -I

List of Experiments

  1. Study of chains and its accessories
  2. Aligning, Ranging and Chaining
  3. Chain Traversing
  4. Compass Traversing
  5. Plane table surveying: Radiation
  6. Plane table surveying: Traversing
  7. Plane table surveying: Resection – Three point problem
  8. Plane table surveying: Resection – Two point problem
  9. Study of levels and levelling staff
  10. Fly levelling using Dumpy level
  11. Fly levelling using tilting level
  12. Check levelling
  13. LS and CS
  14. Contouring
  15. Study of Theodolite

Survey Laboratory -II

List of Experiments

  1. Study of theodolite
  2. Measurement of horizontal angles by reiteration and repetition and vertical angles
  3. Theodolite survey traverse
  4. Heights and distances - Triangulation - Single plane method.
  5. Tacheometry - Tangential system - Stadia system - Subtense system.
  6. Setting out works - Foundation marking - Simple curve (right/left-handed) – Transition curve.
  7. Field observation for and Calculation of azimuth
  8. Field work using Total Station.

Major Equipments

  1. Plane Table
  2. Theodolite
  3. Dumpy level
  4. Total Station

2 ) Soil Mechanics Laboratory

List of Experiments

  1. Grain size distribution - Sieve analysis
  2. Grain size distribution - Hydrometer analysis
  3. Specific gravity of soil grains
  4. Relative density of sands
  5. Atterberg limits test
  6. Determination of moisture - Density relationship using standard Proctor test.
  7. Permeability determination (constant head and falling head methods)
  8. One dimensional consolidation test (Demonstration only)
  9. Field density test (Core cutter and sand replacement methods)
  10. Determination of shear strength parameters.
  • Direct shear test on cohesionless soil
  • Unconfined compression test on cohesivesoil
  • Triaxial compression test (demonstration only)

Major Equipments

  1. Liquid and plastic limit apparatus
  2. Proctor compaction apparatus
  3. UTM of minimum of 20KN capacity
  4. Direct shear apparatus
  5. Triaxial shear apparatus
  6. Three gang consolidation test device

3) Concrete and Highway Engineering Laboratory

List of Experiments

I.Tests on Fresh Concrete

  1. Slump cone test
  2. Flow table
  3. Compaction factor
  4. Vee bee test


  1. Compressive strength - Cube & Cylinder
  2. Flexure test
  3. Modulus Of Elastics


  1. Penetration
  2. Softening Point
  3. Ductility
  4. Viscosity
  5. Elastic Recovery


  1. Stripping
  2. Proportioning of Aggregates
  3. Water Absorption
  4. Aggregate impart test/li>


  1. Determination of Binder Content
  2. Marshall Stability and Flow values
  3. Specific Gravity
  4. Density.

Major Equipments

  1. UTM – 400 KN capacity / CTM – 1000 KN
  2. Vee Bee Consistometer
  3. Aggregate impact testing machine
  4. Blains Apparatus
  5. Penetration test apparatus for test on Bitumen
  6. Ductility testing machine
  7. Hot Air oven
  8. Marshall testing machine

4) Environmental Engineering Laboratory

List of Experiments

  1. Sampling and preservation methods and significance of characterization of water and wastewater.
  2. Determination of i) PH and turbidity; ii) Hardness
  3. Determination of iron & fluoride
  4. Determination of residual chlorine
  5. Determination of Chlorides
  6. Determination of Ammonia Nitrogen
  7. Determination of Sulphate
  8. Determination of Optimum Coagulant Dosage
  9. Determination of available Chlorine in Bleaching powder
  10. Determination of dissolved oxygen
  11. Determination of suspended, volatile and fixed solids
  12. B.O.D. test
  13. C.O.D. test
  14. Introduction to Bacteriological Analysis (Demonstration only)

Major Equipments

  1. PH meter
  2. Turbidity meter
  3. Conductivity meter
  4. Refrigerator
  5. BOD incubator
  6. Muffle furnace
  7. Hot air oven
  8. Desiccators
  9. Jar test apparatus
  10. Water bath
  11. Glass waves / Crucibles
  12. COD apparatus
  13. Kjeldane apparatus
  14. Calorimeter
  15. Chlorine comparator
  16. Filtration assembly

5) Auto Cadd Laboratory

List of Experiments

  1. Buildings with load bearing walls (Flat and pitched roof) -including details of doors and windows
  2. RCC framed structures
  3. Industrial buildings – North light roof structures – Trusses
  4. Perspective view of one and two storey buildings

Computer Aided Design & Drafting Laboratory

List of Experiments

  1. Design and drawing of RCC cantilever and counterfort type retaining walls with reinforcement details
  2. Design of solid slab and RCC Tee beam bridges for IRC loading and reinforcement details
  3. Design and drafting of Intz type water tank, Detailing of circular and rectangular water tanks
  4. Design of plate girder bridge – Twin Girder deck type railway bridge – Truss Girder bridges – Detailed Drawings including connections

List of Equipments :

Core I3 Processor/2GB RAM/ 320 GB SATA HDD / 18.5 Inch TFT Monitor -33 Nos/.

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