Lab Facilities

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

  • Centre Lathe with accessories (at least four lathes must have tape-turning attachment)
  • Turret and Capstan Lathes
  • CNC Lathe (Trainer or Industrial Type)
  • Horizontal Milling Machine
  • Vertical Milling Machine
  • Surface Grinding Machine
  • Shaping Machine
  • Slotting Machine
  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Upright Drilling Machine
  • Cylindrical grinding machine
  • Gear Hobbing Machine
  • Tool Dynamometer

Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Laboratory

  • Orifice meter setup
  • Venturi meter setup
  • Rotameter setup
  • Pipe Flow analysis setup
  • Centrifugal pump/submergible pump setup
  • Reciprocating pump setup
  • Gear pump setup
  • Pelton wheel setup
  • Francis turbine setup
  • Kaplan turbine setup

Strength of Materials Laboratory

  • Universal Tensile Testing machine with double shear attachment – 40 Ton Capacity
  • Torsion Testing Machine (60 NM Capacity)
  • Impact Testing Machine (300 J Capacity)
  • Brinell Hardness Testing Machine
  • Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
  • Spring Testing Machine for tensile and compressive loads (2500 N)
  • Metallurgical Microscopes
  • Muffle Furnace (800 °C) 

Thermal Engineering Laboratory

  • I.C Engine – 2 stroke and 4 stroke cut section model
  • Red Wood Viscometer
  • Apparatus for Flash and Fire Point
  • 4-stroke Diesel Engine with mechanical loading
  • 4-stroke Diesel Engine with hydraulic loading
  • 4-stroke Diesel Engine with electrical loading
  • Multi-cylinder Petrol Engine
  • Steam Boiler with turbine setup

Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory

  • Natural convection-vertical cylinder apparatus
  • Forced convection inside tube apparatus
  • Pinfin apparatus
  • Stefan-Boltzmann apparatus
  • Emissivity measurement apparatus
  • Parallel/counter flow heat exchanger apparatus
  • Refrigeration test rig
  • Air-conditioning test rig
  • Guarded plate apparatus
  • Lagged pipe apparatus
  • Single / two stage reciprocating air compressor

Metrology and Measurements Laboratory

  • Micrometer
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Vernier Height Gauge
  • Vernier Depth Gauge
  • Slip Gauge Set
  • Gear Tooth Vernier
  • Sine Bar
  • Bevel Protractor
  • Floating Carriage Micrometer
  • Profile Projector
  • Mechanical / Electrical / Pneumatic Comparator
  • Temperature Measuring Setup
  • Displacement Measuring Setup
  • Force Measuring Setup
  • Torque Measuring Setup
  • Vibration / Shock Measuring Setup
  • Autocollimator
  • Tool Makers Microscope
  • Dial Gauge Calibration

CAD/CAM Laboratory

  • Computer server
  • Computer nodes or systems (Pentium IV with 256MB RAM) networked to the server
  • A3 size plotter
  • Laser Printer
  • Trainer CNC lathe
  • Trainer CNC milling
  • CAD/CAM software (Pro-E or IDEAS or Unigraphics or CATIA)
  • CAM software (CNC programming and tool path simulation for FANUC, Cinumeric and Heiden controller)
  • Computer System, 17” VGA Color Monitor, Pentium IV Processor, 40 GB HDD, 256 MB RAM
  • Ansys software

Dynamics Laboratory

  • Cam analyzer
  • Motorised gyroscope
  • Governor apparatus - Watt, Porter, Proell and Hartnell governors
  • Whirling of shaft apparatus
  • Dynamic balancing machine.
  • Static and dynamic balancing machine
  • Vibrating table
  • Vibration test facilities apparatus
  • Gear Model
  • Kinematic Models to study various mechanisms

Mechatronics Laboratory

  • Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit with manual and electrical controls
  • Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit with PLC control
  • Automation studio software
  • 8051 – Microcontroller kit with stepper motor and drive circuit
  • LAB VIEW software with Sensors to measure Pressure, Flow rate, direction, speed, velocity and force

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