Culture Building Division

Culture Building Division

The objective of the Culture Building division is to make the students apply the learned skills in the real time platform, theryby the students inherent potentials are expressed and understands the gap between the ink and the execution.

The Various activities of the Culture Building Divisions are,

  1. The Conscious Students Club.
  2. Placement knowledge bank.
  3. Daily Papers.
The Conscious Students Club

The objective of this club is to bring awareness among the students that learning alone is not sufficient and applying the learned knowledge & skills is the root of all success of a person. This club provides opportunity to the students to organize various activities like debate, group discussion etc. Final year students of all departments are playing the leading role of this club. This club functions after the working hours. Club has four divisions They are:

  1. Direct Activity
    1. Debate club – Building English speaking skill.
    2. Senior Window – Placed students talk on “placement preparation” to the Junior Classes.
  2. Internet activity

    This Team of students interacts through email, social networks to bring the real world to the awareness field of the  students.

    1. Technology straw – Works on recent Technical trends.
    2. Company talks – Works about one company each week.
    3. Employment focus – Works on employment opportunities.
    4. Exposure Hub – Works on General Exposure, lifestyle & Corporate Culture.
  3. Mobile activity
    1. Globalish Village – Variety of English stuff are send to students through SMS.
  4. Linking activity
    1. Ambassadors – Team of students builds contact network and organizes events ,meetings etc...
    2. Data monitor – Team of students collects the informations and makes it reach to all students.
Placement knowledge bank
  1. A dedicated placement corner is available in our main library which is stuffed with - MECSEED, the Placement preparation book, self development books, various magazines about market status, books on various companies interview question papers, books on interview preparation, CBT (Component based training materials) etc …
  2. Vast content of Placement materials are available in the e-form.
  3. Specially designed syllabus of Placement book will be issued to each Student.
  4. Separate Login User id will be given for each student to have an account in the INDIA CAREER PORTAL, which is the electronic bridge between the students and the Companies.
Daily Papers

Daily English newspaper is issued to all the students to create exposure and to develop language skills.

Activities based on English newspaper is being conducted during Placement hour.

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