TAP Structure

The Training and Placement office actively performs through the following four divisions

  1. Training Division
  2. Placement Division
  3. Culture Building Division
  4. Facilities Division
Training Divisions are
  1. Organizing Employability Skill Development Programme
  2. Intensive Vacation Training
  3. English Language training through tie up with Sutherland global services, Chennai.
  4. Training on Value added courses
Placement Divisions are
  1. Planning and Organizing Placements
  2. Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) 
  3. Memorandum of Understandings (MoU)
  4. Industry Speaks
Building Divisions are
  1. The Conscious Students Club.
  2. Times of India newspaper are issued daily to all the students to create exposure and to develop language skills.
  3. Placement knowledge bank.
  4. Industry Linked activities.
Hospitality Divisions are
  1. Conduction of interviews
  2. Conduction of Training sessions
  3. Creation of environment to develop learned skills as habits.
  4. Hospitality
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