• To provide the students with current knowledge and practices of engineering worldwide and to update them in modern trends.
  • To familiarize the students on the needs and problems of the local industries.
  • To apprise the students with the latest technology and tools and techniques which are used in different projects and firms.
  • To enhance a professional image of the engineer in the society and help them to be meritorious in their professional endeavor.


We, at the elite Electrical and Electronics Engineering department, envisage a comprehensive development of our students into energetic and confident professionals, who are ethical in their approach, prudent and competent in skills and as the future technocrats, they will utilize the technology at their disposal for the welfare of the humanity as a whole.


In pursuance of our vision, our mission includes a developmental plan to improve and exploit our departmental resources to develop an excellent learning environment to provide that state of the art facilities for the faculty and the students, enabling them to integrate character and ethical values in their profession to emerge as competent professionals, so as to enhance the image of engineers in the world.