The objective of the Electronics & Communication Engineering Program is to produce graduates able to:

  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to identify formulae, and solve electronic engineering problems.
  • Use industry standard tools to analyze, design, develop and test electronic based systems.
  • Achieve success in graduate programs in electronic engineering or a related field.
  • Continue to develop their knowledge and skill after graduation in order to succeed personally and contribute to employer’s success.
  • Work effectively as a member of a multi-disciplinary development team and undertake leadership roles when appropriate.
  • Appreciate the importance of ethics in their professional act in society’s best interest.


To bring forth prosperity through modern technology by means of imparting value based education, innovation and become a world-class technical institution


Our mission, as an institution, is to provide “Futuristic Technical Education” to all our students and instill in them a sense of leadership, entrepreneurship and research to dedicate their lives and services for the betterment of their families and the nation.