M.E. Engineering Design

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is offering one PG course M.E.(Engineering Design ). The PG Program was started in the year 2004 with team of highly qualified, dedicated and motivated faculty and well equipped laboratories with facilities for the PG Programme. The field of engineering design encompasses many exciting subjects such as Robotics, Finite Element Analysis, Advance Mechanism Design, Product Optimization, Integrated Manufacturing System, and Mechanical Vibration.

List of Laboratories
  • CAD laboratory
  • Computer Aided Simulation & Analysis laboratory
List of Experiments

CAD Laboratory

Sl. No. Description of Equipment
1 Computer Server
2 Computer nodes or systems (High end CPU with at least 1 GB main memory) networked to the server
3 A3 size plotter
4 Laser Printer
5 Trainer CNC Lathe
6 Trainer CNC milling
7 CAD software (Pro-E or IDEAS or Unigraphics or CATIA)
8 CAM Software (CNC Programming and tool path simulation for FANUC /Sinumeric and Hidden controller)
9 Licensed operating system

Computer Aided Simulation and Analysis

List of Experiments


  1. Simulation of Air conditioning system with condenser temperature and evaporator
  2. Temperatures as input to get COP using C /MAT Lab.
  3. Simulation of Hydraulic / Pneumatic cylinder using C / MAT Lab.
  4. Simulation of cam and follower mechanism using C / MAT Lab.


  1. Stress analysis of a plate with a circular hole.
  2. Stress analysis of rectangular L bracket
  3. Stress analysis of an axi-symmetric component
  4. Stress analysis of beams (Cantilever, Simply supported, fixed ends)
  5. Mode frequency analysis of a 2 D component
  6. Mode frequency analysis of beams (Cantilever, Simply supported, fixed ends)
  7. Harmonic analysis of a 2D component
  8. Thermal stress analysis of a 2D component
  9. Conductive heat transfer analysis of a 2D component
  10. Convective heat transfer analysis of a 2D component
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