Culture Building Division

Culture Building Division aims to bring awareness about oneself and exposure about the Market and the real world. Exposure level of Students from Top schools will be different from the students of average schools. Tamil medium students will have different mindset than from the Matriculation and CBSE students. Private school environment will be different from the Govt school environment. MEC clearly understoods the psychology of students of different traits.

Most of us have a myth that only Metropolitan located environment feeds cutting edge exposure. But MEC breaks that myth by bring a holistic and advanced exposure filled college life experience beating that of campus of the metropolitans

This division creates a behavioral change in the students and the active functioning of various clubs, cultures the minds of the students and stays them in the new acquired skills. Students have experiential learning of Various life skills, which gives complete confidence to our students.Social responsibility through AKSA club, Human values & professional ethics through Honesty club, Professional Speaking culture through English Literary Club and Tamil Club, Motivation club brings power speakers to keep up the learning momentum and Arts n Rhythm club to

1. Life Skills Training Model.

TCS Club : Our Institution is the only institution accredited by TCS, in Villupuram, Cuddalore and Tiruvannamalai districts, In this and surrounding district , comparing other college students, only our students are provided with individual user id -password for TCS technical Portal called CAMPUS COMMUNE, through which students get Global exposure, where technical business giants are moving in the world. Lots of advanced technical stuff, Life style of Employees working in MNC, Company Expectations from Engineering Students and Professional habits, Fun, Competitions and lot of fun way of learning and awareness is happening in this platform.

AKSA Club : Experiential Learning of Social responsibility

Honesty Club : Experiential Learning of Human Values and Professional Ethics
English Literary club : Breaks the inequalities of Tamil medium, Matriculation, Metro-politan and rural students through Experiential learning of English in four dimensions of Learning, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
Muthamizh Mandram : Arts n Rhythm Club to express the talents of various arts which boosts brain power.
Womens Empowerment Club : Girls and women safety is the first priority in the campus. College campus and in college bus, utmost care is taken on girl students. Highest priority is given to the girl student issues by this Empowerment team and are solved then and there. Various women achievers are invited and experience sharing sessions are conducted.

2. Exposure Window

Field and Experiential learning : Internships, Industrial Visits, Inplant Training, Travel for Competitions etc provides lot of exposure and taste of real world.

Confidence Building Online Test software : With online line testing tool, online user id – password is given to each student separately. This platform has various testing options for Aptitude skills,Verbal skills, Email skills, Coding skills and technical skills and vast number of self practice test in the above mentioned areas. Students in MEC can check their skill level with the students of different campus in the cities. Before taking up the interview, students are well understood about the existing competition both inside and outside the campus.
Placement Knowledge Bank compiles and shares all required training materials A dedicated placement corner is available in our main library which is stuffed with – MECSEED, the Placement preparation book, self development books, various magazines about market status, books on various companies interview question papers, books on interview preparation and Specially designed syllabus of Placement book will be issued to each Student.

3. Self Learning Hub

Reading Skill : Daily English newspaper is issued to all the students to create exposure and to develop English Reading skills.Activities based on English newspaper is being conducted during Placement hour. World is keep on changing. This demands continuous Learning. Searching and Self learning according to the needs of my Job is very important skill for the students. Focus and self learning Practice is being the mot to of this Hub.

4. Motivation Club

Motivation is one of the key factor for success. We bring Top class speakers and well celebrated speakers to address our students to keep up the learning momentum in powerful tone.