Training Division


To mould the students to meet the corporate expectation, Banking Sector and Competitive Examinations.

The Various activities of the Training Division are,

  • Employability skill Development Programme.
  • Intensive Vacation Training.
  • Communication Training.
  • Technical Training Model.
  1. Employability Skill Development Programme.
    Based on the observation about the companies and from the recommendation of the advisory board and various company personal, the required skills are identified and a specialised training curriculum is developed and trained through experienced trainers.

The training classes are planned along with the regular curriculum and are conducted for 3 continuous hours per week per class. Training is given by the leading Training companies of the Market.

First year : Orientation towards Engineering & Attitude Transition

Second year : Attitude Transition II & Language Development Program

Third Year : Aptitude level I & Level II

Final Year : Company specific Training & Finishing School.

1.1 Placement Hour Training.

The training classes are planned along with the regular curriculum and are conducted 3 continuous hour per week per class. Training is given by the very leading Training companies of the Market like , Innovative Services, Chennai ,FACE ,Chennai , Afan, Analytics & Smart.

1.2 Placement Tests & Mock Interview Practice.

Exclusive Testing software is available for conduction of Aptitude and coding test.Coding and Aptitude Test is conducted along with each Internal Tests. In addition Rigorous Testing Practice (Computer Based tests) is given.

During the final years Three levels of Mock Interviews are conducted for customised interview practice.

  1. Faculty Level Mock interviews
  2. Alumni Level Mock Interviews
  3. Company Hr Level Mock Interviews
  4. Intensive Vacation Training
  5. At the end of each semester examination after providing vacation leave for 10 days, this intensive training season starts. During the vacation period, as students are free from Academic pressure, Broad focus can be shown on training as well lots of time are available for self Practice sessions.

Special Training during Winter and Summer Vacations for Employability and Banking Exams and Competitive Exams, Special Address by Experts from Industry. Group solving methodology for Aptitude /Verbal/ Logical Reasoning,GD Practices. Mock Interviews. Resume Preparations. And Retraining classes for the slow learners based on test performance.

Communication Practice

3.1 English Language training through tie up with Sutherland global services, Chennai

The TAP cell extends a great support to the development of Effective Communication Skill of the students and to get them placed in the corporate houses around the world. To make the process of Communication Training more authentic, MEC has signed a Note of Cooperation with Sutherland global services for aural and oral fluency. With the support of English Literary club, an intensive Communication training is conducted during the interview seasons.English Literary Club students conducts debates on various topics fortnightly & on Independence day, Republic day celebrations.

3.2 Communication Hr:

One Hour per week is Exclusively alloted for Communication for all the classes.

3.3 Two- Min speech:

Daily before starting of each period one student must speak for 2 minutes on his own topic in English. This 2 min speech gives powerful results.

3.4 Professional Email Writing & Creative Writing Skill:

Exclusive training for writing Skill in English conducted by experts.

3.5 Telephonic Interview Practice Skill:

Exclusive training for Telephonic manners and professional conversation in English conducted by experts.

Technical Training Model

4.1 Power Seminar

Power Seminar aims to provide current industry oriented contents like Artificial Intelligence, Micro-Innovation, Deep Learning, Analytics, Big data, Cloud Computing, IOT in the form of crisp addressing style by Experts of that field , with the intention of bringing awareness to the students.

4.2 Value Added Courses

MEC understands how the company views about fundamental concepts that are required to learn the advanced concepts. MEC has signed a Note of Cooperation with various Companies to train our students in the programming language C, C++, .Net, Java, Php ,IOT, Networking, Oracle, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Artificial Intelligence, Java, Microcontroller & its applications, Programmable Logic controller –SCADA, Pro e, Auto CAD, Revit , Embedded Technology.

4.3 Self Development Courses

As per academic Curriculum Engineering Knowledge is of High level, the application oriented knowledge and skills are required to match the reality world. So specific syllabus is framed for each discipline and courses conducted by real time filed experts in the areas like House wiring, Marking and Foundation, Mobile /FM/Television servicing, Two wheeler Mechanism ,Four wheeler Mechanism and computer Hardware. This course is conducted during V semester Placement Hour classes.